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  • Our Team and Social Change

    Sleepover Team Member Driven by Social Change: April 12 Charity Gala in Washington, DC   Washington, DC Friends: Do you want to go on a Sleepover in India?! If so, jump on the red line and you're almost there! Our team member Puja is hosting a Charity Gala on Saturday April…

  • Sleepover Birthday Party Theme Ideas

    Here are some ideas how to bring Clarity, Juliet, Noah and Clive’s Global Sleepover adventures to your birthday party! We're sure you and your friends have invented some special traditions and games. So have the Sleepover Stars! Here are some ideas to have a Sleepover birthday party. Sleepover Birthday Party Theme Ideas Choose…

  • Sleepover Party Fun Tip #10

    How to make an African Drum!   This Sleepover Party Fun Tip was written by our Creative Design and Marketing Associate Gaura Klein.