We’re full of smiles and buzzing with excitement after having returned from a storytelling journey to the Pyramids of Egypt. Our friends from Cairo took the students of Wicklund Elementary to see the Pyramids, which they get to see every day from the rooftop of their school.  See for yourself.

In August, Global Sleepover facilitated a storytelling workshop between students ages 4-11 at Wicklund Elementary in San Francisco, USA and a school in Cairo, Egypt.  Students shared about their home and life with one another by writing stories, creating and drawing illustrations, and creating video messages. There were bumblebees, mummies with cell phones, Spiderman, bears, mummies surfing in the Pacific Ocean and an abundance of curiosity, smiles and questions. The Egyptian students had an opportunity to see American classrooms while the American students learned some Arabic words.

Wicklund Elementary: We applaud the parents and staff of Wicklund Elementary (near San Francisco, California) who go above and beyond to provide their beaming students with the joy of storytelling and world cultures.

Global Sleepover’s Reading and Storytelling workshops improve reading and writing literacy; help children become better citizens in their local and global community; build cultural diversity, tolerance, and empathy; and promote creativity and imagination.

Ahmed from Cairo introducing himself (in English and Arabic) and the students in California reacting to seeing the Pyramids.

Inviting their new friends in Egypt to come to California.

Nada sharing about her life and home in Egypt in Arabic.

Do you know how to say apple in Arabic?

Everyone made new friends and visited the Nile, the Pyramids, Pacific Ocean, and Yosemite National Park.