While Brazil was busy hosting the World Cup during Summer of 2014, we at The Global Sleepover were busy launching our storybook app “Sleepover at the World Cup in Brazil!” It’s been a busy few months since then and…. in less than a year….  20,000 readers have downloaded our storybook apps. Are you one of our readers?

Are you one of our readers? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us at info@globalsleepover.com or Twitter @globalsleepover

We create interactive and multi-media storybook apps that:

  • Offer children hidden interactive features to enjoy over and over again!
  • Are for ages 4-8;
  • Can be read by early and remedial readers, Spanish-speaking readers and English language learners.
  • Are just like picture books and are fully illustrated;
  • Contain map and other culture learning games;
  • Comes fully narrated, with word-by-word highlights for early readers;
  • Comes with real photos of countries;
  • Contains new words in new languages;
  • Book has real photos of Brazil!
  • Contains glossaries, country facts and other fun cultural facts;
  • Meets Common Core and International Bacculerate standards; and
  • Comes with a  free downloadable Teacher’s Guide which contains comprehension questions, activities, and country facts

Illustration by Rose Jaffe