Edugage Resources:

Available on a LMS compatible with Schoology, the DOD LMS. Your users (teachers/students/parents) would be given access to these resources on Schoology. They would not have to learn a new system this way if they are already using Schoology. All resources, videos and multi-media will be self-contained in the LMS.

Once they are on the Edugage resource page, they would interact as described below.

Professional Development

Please scroll below to see a sample video and presentation for a synchronous professional development session.

Teachers would have access to professional development videos specifically curated for them, a library of professional development videos created by experts and recordings of all live synchrous webinars.


Click below to see a sampling of resources.  

Resources include authentic texts, stories, interactive stories (multi-media), games, activities, supplemental learning tools. All resources are based on social emotional learning, critical thinking and the principles of accessibility and equity for gifted learners.

Stories are about all topic areas related to STEM, science, mathematics, diversity and equity, world cultures, conservation, innovation, community-building, kindness, friendship and more.

All resources would be reviewed, adapted and curated to meet the requirements of this RFQ.

Some resources can be used in a classroom with a 30-40 minute duration. Some can be used over the course of a few weeks in a scaffolded approach.

Resources and stories are created in-house and also sourced from our repertoire of resources from the Smithsonian, Library of Congress, Edutopia, New York Public Library, Global Book Library, UN Kids, Discovery Channel TextBooks and more.


Professional Development

Professional Development

Video is a professional development live webinar on the Overwhelming Importance of Teacher Messaging for Math Teachers.