Birthday Parties

We offer competitive packages to bring quality entertainment to your child’s birthday party! Our entertainment packages bring the world and our stories to your child’s birthday party. With our globally-oriented, fun and meaningful country themes, we entertain, educate and engage in a way that children ages 5-10 and parents both love!

Choose from a variety of country themes, international adventures, interactive activities, dance performances,  decorations, craft, music and entertainment. Our entertainment engage children in a fun and creative way. Kids walk away enjoying a great birthday party and gain exposure to world cultures.

You pick the theme and package – and we take care of the rest!

In the U.S. we’re available to host parties in:

  • Washington,
  • DC,
  • Chicago,
  • Los Angeles,
  • California,


Pricing and Bookings


This package consists of 1-2 hours entertainment which consists of 1 – 2  activities and 1 guided performance/entertainment event. Starting at $200 U.S.


The same as the Basic package but with custom-made party invitations you can print or email as a jpg file, goody bags, decorations and a guided activity that concludes in a performance for the parents.  Our team would spend 2 – 3 hours at the event or party. Starting at: $300.


Combination of  activities, performances for children, guided  activities that conclude in a performance for parents, presentations and readings, custom-made invitations, goody bags, decorations, photos of the event, costumes and an overnight Sleepover party if desired. Our team would spend 3-4 hours at the birthday party and could stay longer. Cost: Starting at $500.