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The Global Sleepover harnesses over 10 years of education, innovation, positive youth development and literacy building experience.

Our programs in South Sudan, South Africa, Kosovo, Egypt, Colombia, UK and the US have provided 40,000 children with improved reading and writing skills and positive youth development experiences that empower and build confidence.

Presentations at the United States Agency of International Development (USAID) mEducation Alliance and Global Education Summits 2014 and 2015, Washington DC:

1. Review and download our presentation on Global Sleepover Presentation, Reading Improvement for Deaf or Hard of Hearing. 2014 mEducation Alliance,Washington, DC

2. Review and download our presentation on our Global Sleepover Presentation, Solar Powered Reading South Sudan.  2015 USAID Global Education Summit​ and the mEducation Alliance, Washington, DC.

3. Review and download our presentation Global Sleepover Presentation, USAID Global Ed Summit for the USAID Education Summit, 2015. Washington, DC.



Innovations in Literacy: ​We utilize interactive and multi-media storytelling to improve literacy.  Programs utilize interactive technology and solar powered devices to make reading accessible for children from all backgrounds and of all learning abilities. Technology allows for books to be accessible on desktop, laptop, smart or feature mobile phone and tablet. The multi-media design is scaffolded to fit any curriculum, in any language and enables customized learning. The below shows options for a child to read  at his/her own pace.


​Results in Reading Improvement: Our work has resulted in a 90% increase in reading improvement and has increased capacity of teachers to deliver learning. We measure and assess using numerous indicators, including the Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA).



In October 2015,  the Library of Congress recognized our global coalition member Picsterbookswith an Award in Literacy Innovation for improving reading skills for the hard of hearing and deaf in ​South Africa.


Mish Madrasa, our partner school in Egypt, serves children in vulnerable and non-permissive environments. We create positive youth development through our interactive programs, trust and community-based approaches. in the past three years, our programs have increased positive identity, improved bonds with community members; increased opportunities for prosocial involvement, reduced rates of psychological distress, interpersonal violence, and gender-based violence; and increased feeling of psychological safety.

Here is an article in The Guardian about our work at Mish Madrasa.