Recently we received a call from a teacher in the Washington, DC area looking for multi-cultural and diverse storytelling for her elementary school students. She found us through our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) terms on our website.

“Our students come from all over the world.” she told us. “I want to give them a diverse storytelling experience that reflects who they are, that reflects the multi-cultural world they are growing up in.”

This teacher then did a Google search for: multi-cultural, diverse, storytelling. It’s how she found  Global Sleepover Stories, Reading and Storytelling Programs.

Kids Artwork – a character from India.

When we started writing and sharing our stories years ago, this is exactly the type of teacher we were hoping to reach. Our core mission is promoting tolerance, diversity and cultural awareness through storytelling. As J. K. Rowling says: “There’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place.”

For the SEO experts reading this, way back when we insisted on tagging our site with multi-cultural, diverse and storytelling – even though these were not frequently searched terms at the time! We insisted on this because we knew these terms would become more frequent with time as teachers, parents and adults recognize the importance of a global understanding in today’s world. Our SEO prediction came true and we’re now generating business and impact through these SEO terms.

Bravo to this teacher and others like her who recognizes the importance of educating her young students so they can soar as global citizens!