Think of our interactive and multi-media stories as enhanced e-books. They look like a children’s storybook, with illustration, but include animation, vocabulary words, pictures and music. Popular among librarians, teachers, and parents, these stories bring the magic of the world to your child’s fingertips and expand imaginations.

Download our multi-media and interactive animated books with games, music and narration and take a journey to a World Cup game in Brazil, Amani’s graduation in Rwanda or to the white magical land of Antarctica. Our stories are available in various e-formats, some in Spanish language, and come with accompanying guides for Teacher’s and Parents. 

We have select interactive stories available for schools and teachers for use in-classroom. Please contact us at for further information.

Our interactive stories have been rated 4/5 Stars by the Educational App Store in the UK, a top review site for children’s educational apps, and iMums, our interactive and multi-media storybooks take children on a truly global adventure. With over 30,000 downloads and 5,000 readers in 7 countries, you too can join The Global Sleepover as we make reading and learning fun with our enhanced e-stories.

In the past, parents and individuals were able to download these stories onto the iPad. We’re now working on making these stories available on your web browser through any phone, tablet, or laptop. Thank you for your patience as we go through this process.

Download A Soccer (Football) Sleepover at the World Cup in Brazil for the Nook

Download A Soccer (or Football) Sleepover in Brazil for the Kindle

Download in Spanish: Una Fiesta de Pijamas en la Copa Mundial en Brasil