Download A Soccer (Football) Sleepover at the World Cup in Brazil

In this story, our Sleepover Stars Clive and Noah encounter Fernão, a boy their age from Brazil who has a penchance for riddles. Through Fernão they find out that not all children in Brazil have equal opportunity. Fernão brings together his friends from communities that do not get along through soccer (or football). We hope the reader gains a deeper understanding about the wonders of Brazil, its geography, the sport of football/soccer and its role in the community and how not all children have equal access or opportunity

  • Our books are read by children ages 4-8, by early and remedial readers, by Spanish-speaking readers and English language learners.
  • Designed as a picture book and fully illustrated, the story contains fun samba music, a map game, flag identification game and a soccer (or football) game where kids can score goals!
  • Book is an easy way for a child to learn about the world cup, soccer, the power of sports and community, learn about Brazil.
  • It’s a timely and diverse children’s book showcasing the World Cup, Brazil, cultural diversity and how soccer brings communities worldwide together. Reading compatibility for kids ages 4-8 and also contains real photos of Brazil and educational facts about Brazil and soccer.
  • Great for early readers!
  • Fully narrated, text highlights with narration for early readers
  • Book has real photos of Brazil!
  • Book has Portuguese words – introduces children to a few words in Portuguese
  • Children can enjoy the interactive version over and over again. On average a child spends about 2 hours with the app.
  • Child can return over and over again to discover more!
  • Child can interact with glossary, country facts and world cup/soccer facts
  • Available on iTunes, iBooks, Nook, Kindle and in hard copy! In English and Spanish!
  • Available in English as a fully interactive and multi-media App on iTunes. For iPad
  • Available in English and Spanish some some media on iBooks. For iPad.
  • Available in English and Spanish on Nook and Kindle
  • Available in hard copy!
  • Available at As Kindred Spirits and Politics & Prose in Washington, DC in hard copy
  • Can be used by teachers in classrooms.
  • Comes with a free downloadable Teacher’s Guide which contains comprehension questions, activities, country facts and facts about soccer.
  • Meets Common Core and International Bacculerate standards
  • Our stories are being used in primary schools, libraries and on e-reading platforms in six countries.
  • Educate, Engage and Entertain: GS goal is to educate children about global and social issues and help them improve their literacy, engage them with stories and interactive elements and entertain with a fun story!
  • For Teachers: Story comes with a free downloadable Teacher’s Guide  and Parents Guide which includes comprehension questions, activities and a glossary.
  • Story meets National Common Core Standards (U.S.)
  • Story Meets International Baccalaureate (IB) Standards

IB Unit Of Inquiry: Where We Are in Place and Time

IB Central Idea: Brazil, Sportsmanship, Friendship

IB Attitudes Appreciation, Curiosity, Tolerance

IB Profiles:  Open-minded

Matches the “Global” IB Primary Years Programme component by introducing children to soccer and the country and culture of Brazil on a child’s level.  

Story incorporates the idea of Friendship, Curiosity, Tolerance, Appreciation and Open-mindedness.

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  • Free accompanying soccer game app can be downloaded from the Apple App Game store!
  • Sleepover in Atnartica, our first story, is free always on the App store! Over 1500 downloads in one month!
  • We will put the Storybook for free across all devices on the last day of the World cup, championship match!
  • As part of the story release, we’re holding storytelling events at libraries, organizations, camps and Children’s museums in Europe and USA! In London, Dublin, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, DC, Indiana and more cities!