Research And Presentations

1. Results and Overview of our International Literacy and Positive Youth Development Programs

2. Review and download our presentation on our Global Sleepover Presentation, Solar Powered Reading South Sudan.  2015 USAID Global Education Summit​ and the mEducation Alliance, Washington, DC.

3. Review and download our presentation Global Sleepover Presentation, USAID Global Ed Summit for the USAID Education Summit, 2015. Washington, DC.

4. Review and download our presentation on Global Sleepover Presentation, Reading Improvement for Deaf or Hard of Hearing. 2014 mEducation Alliance, Washington, DC

5. Process of Making Interactive Book Apps: Presentation at Geek Fest on Interactive Book App Making April 2014; London UK

6. Presentation on the Results of the Pilot of Global Sleepover Interactive Book App in London, October 2013, School of International Service, American University, Washington, DC,

7. Imparting Global Awareness, the Duality of Adventure and Education, International Roundtable University of Chicago Booth School of Business, October 2012