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“….applauded for their efforts to share reading content about different countries and their cultures as well as encouraging young children to read by themselves in a fun and interactive way….” – UK’s Educational App Store


“My son recently hosted hist first sleepover for many of his friends. It was perfect! I took some of the Global Sleepover ideas and the kids loved it. We did everything in a Brazilian theme – it was brilliant! As a parent, you will also have a smile on your face because of the fun!”

– Mother of 8-year old boy, Montessori Teacher and Mobile Technology Specialist in Virgin Islands

“We had a Sleepover in India theme for not one but two birthday parties for our daughter when she turned 6 and 8. The team came with decorations, a smile on their face and transported all of us to India. Our daughter and her friends are still talking about the party, years later! It was especially wonderful to see the children’s curiosity about India during the party. They were asking questions about the country, the culture – they learned something and had a lot of fun!”

– Diplomat at the South African Embassy, Washington, DC

‘And to see so many young black males so enthusiastic about writing interactive story books and the skills required to make the books is remarkable.  This experience also afforded the students to be exposed to other parts of the world which they incorporated into their stories.  This provided an interesting and creative way to inspire young students to write and tap into their desire to author books.”

– Parent in Washington, DC